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Phuket Criterium 2016

This saturday I was racing again. Back in sunny Thailand – at Phuket Criterium. After two months in colder countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea, the heat was a real problem for me during the day. With constantly drinking water and isotonic drinks I tried to not get dehydrated and fight my headache. The race started of with a few attacks and we formed a leading group of six riders. Nobody could break away from that group, so we ended up sprinting and I finished on position three. Here are some pictures and further down you can find some videos of the race.

Check the final sprint

or the full race

URBAN HUB produced a video about the race.

As well as the FSVN team


Chiang Rai Crit Aftermovie

Chiang Rai Criterium was a great event at the beginning of this year. Although I crashed and just finished on position 12, I’m looking forward to race again with the guys in Phuket. Seeing this aftermovie of Chiang Rai Chrit makes me even more psyched about racing again!

See you next saturday in Phuket!


Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan


Have you heard about Fixed Gear Gild Taiwan? I’ve met her after the Taipei Drag Race last friday. We talked about the race and the traffic in Taipei and of course about Taiwan in general. During the night i told her about my #travelfixed experiences in  Asia. She knows everything and everybody in the local fixed gear scene.

Check her blog and follow her on facebook!

Bike exhibition and drag racing

Four days bike show. Four days of meeting old friends, new people and looking at some cool bikes and other cycling equipment. To be fair, the purpose of this bike show is not to show the newest development of the companies. Therefore you should visit Eurobike in Germany. The purpose of the Taipei bike show is much more to make business. Lot’s of OEMs from Taiwan are at the show to sign contracts with their customers.

However it was pretty cool to meet friends from Germany, friends I’ve met before in Thailand and Singapore and of course many new people. Cycling with friends from all over the world just feels so good =)

Friday night some guys organised an illegal  drag race. 11km through town. From A to B, without blocked roads. I rode like hell, never stopped at any crossing, but sneaked through the traffic. I get away from the pack with a taiwanese and a korean rider. Luckily I managed to drop them before the finish line and won the race. What an amazing feeling! Now I try to recover a bit from these long and full days.

About winning and losing

In the last few months my journey took me further to the south. Just one reason let me change this route. Chiang Rai Criterium in the north of Thailand. The north is a great place to cycle, due to less traffic than in Bangkok and more mountains than in the south.
The Criterium was organised by the same guys who organised Bangkok Criterium at the beginning of my journey. Therefore I knew it’ll be a big event with blocked roads and lot’s of people. I also knew I’ll meet some friends from Bangkok again.
Travelling alone can be lonely. But on this journey I’ve made so many new friends, that it’s always nice to see them again and to spend some time together before the race.

Speaking about the race. I nearly missed it.  After the opening ceremony at 4pm I went back to my hostel, because my race was scheduled for 9pm. At 7.30pm I arrived at the race venue to get ready and warm up. It took me a few minutes to realise that my race would be the next one within the next 15 minutes. I get in my jersey and jumped on a roller to warm up at least a little bit.
It didn’t take a long time to realise that two teams with each 3-4 riders were in the peloton and that they both work on a brake away. Having a leading group of two riders from these two teams is the worst which can happen. I chased this group with another rider and we were getting closer. Unfortunately I wanted to much and took a hairspin to fast. As a result I slipped away and crashed. Getting up and setting my bike took more time then it should and I didn’t manage to get back to the chasing group. What happened afterwards was a bit weird. I saw a group behind me and thought, if I wait we can work together and catch the group again. But when they catched me, nobody of the riders would pass me to work together. On a 1.5k lap it’s easy to get lapped. Therefore I decided to not play that game, but to finish the race. Therefore I took the lead of the group for the last 10 laps.

Shit happens and you can’t always win. But of course it’s even more disappointing when you realise that the leading group made their way through to the finish line.

However after a short time I could smile again and was even more happy to hear that my friend Racha from Chiang Mai finished on 5th position.

After the race we all went t together and had another really great night. And that’s what it’s all about. A great time with your friends. I’ll aleady meet some of them again in three weeks on the Taipei bike show. Stay tuned 😉


Teaser Royal Street Criterium

Last saturday I won my first race in 2016. I feel so happy that I got the opportunity to compete in so many races in south east Asia. Everytime I meet plenty of nice new guys, who are really passionated about cycling. In Johor Bharu it was the same. The guys would like to set up more races, get more guys on the road to race and get on the next level of fixed gear racing.

It’s so cool that on the one hand they set up an illegal road race, with no official road blocking or any other fancy equipment and on the other hand, they use a high tech camera to produce a short clip about the race. Now it’s time to check out the teaser of the Royal Street Criterium. I’m psyched to see the whole film!



Thanks to IRWANFILMS and the whole crew of Rocayl Street Criterium!!!

Playing games at Silver State Criterium

Second race in one week. I travelled a bit further north in Malaysia to reach Ipoh, the fourth biggest city of the country.
On my way north I just passed the cameron highlands. Damn, that’s a nice spot for hiking in the jungle and I guess for cycling as well. If I get a chance, I’ll be there again.

The silverstate Criterium is organised by the local iph fxd crew. In Germany or Europe I’m used to cycle at official races with blocked roads, barriers, loud music and booths of sponsors. In Malaysis it’s different. The races are illegal, because it’s difficult and expensive to get permission. Therefore they happen at night in non crowded industrial areas. I really like the flair! You arrive at a certain street and just see a few guys with their bikes. Everybody is just hanging around, getting cold drinks and some guys are doing some tricks with their fixies. The only thing I knew in advance was: be there at 9pmish. At that time all riders show up for registration. Something which never happend to me before – no number for the jersey or bike at all.
Due to the fact that roughly 60 riders showed up and the course was max 600m, the organisers decided to split the group and ride two qualifyings. From each qualifying just the first five riders get into the final. In my qualifying group some guys attacked really early, so that we ended up in a group of five riders after 6 or 7 laps. We just rode a constant speed and finished in this  group. Between the two qualifyings also 7 women raced. Although 7 riders are not much, it’s a beginning for female fixed gear cycling. Keep on cycling girls!!!

Like I said, in the final just 10 riders started. Five of them started for the Perak State Team and the others were from different Teams. Due to their man power, the Perak State riders attacked in each round and after a few rounds we were just 6 riders in the lead. 4 Perak State riders, Hakimi Han, who was third at Holy Crit, and me. Although they tried to play games with us, none of them managed to break away and Hakimi Han sprinted to victory. I’m happy for him, because he is a really cool guy and worked a lot in the final. Big up!!! I ended up on place 3, which is just amazing.

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to race on the other side of the world and to meet so many great people. Thanks guys for this experience!!!

Jail or victory at illegal races

Have you ever heard about anybody who might go to jail, because of organising a cycling race?

This might happen to some guys who organised illegal fixed gear races in Singapore. On their 8th edition of Holy Crit they get caught. Now they face a law-suit, due to organising an event without permission. However the highest conviction would be a few months in jail, the guys won’t stop. They moved Holy Crit from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and they even think about more fixed gear races in Asia.

Yesterday night was the second edition of Holy Crit in Kuala Lumpur. Due to the fact that it was an illegal race, there was no fully blocked road, no pre registration and also no fixed starting time. When we arrived at the race venue it was raining as hell and it wouldn’t stop for the whole race. Whatever, it’s not cold german rain. It’s warm malaysian rain. So I signed in, checked the course and get to the starting line. Mostly cyclist from all over Malaysia started at this race, but also pros like Faz Adhili and Hakimi Han, both Malaysia, the URBAN HUB Crew from Thailand and Enrico Biganzoli from Italy where ready to rock it.

The race began as usual with some attacks. After a few rounds I wanted to test my legs and rode an attack to close a gap to a leading group. I reached the group, but unfortunately the guys thought the gap would be too small and stopped pushing. However my aim was to keep the pace high, so I kept going. One round later I still wasn’t caught and I decided to give it a try. That was hard work, but worth it. I never saw the peloton again and won my first race this year on the other side of the world.

What an awesome feeling. I’m so happy to be on my travelfixed journey. I’m so happy that I meet all these great cyclist at all different places and that we can race together. Winning a race is definately an early Christmas present! So whatever gonna happen to the organisers of holycrit, keep on cycling, keep on organising races! The street is yours!

Thanks for the support of all my partners and sponsors! It’s great to know that there are people believing in me and my dream.

RAD RACE, Oakley, New Balance, Abus, Iriedaily, 8bar bikes, smparts


2nd: Enrico Biganzoli, 1st: Jonas Fischer, 3rd: Hakimi Han (l.t.r)   Pic by Lucas Lau

It’s now one month

Time is flying! I’m already in Thailand since one month. So many things happend. I’ve met great people. I’ve seen amazing places. And I cycled a lot!

I started my journey in Bangkok to race my first Crit ever in Asia. If you have been in Bangkok, I’m sure you also have been on Khao San Road. Bangkok’s party district. The organisers managed to set up a course in this particular district. On a saturday evening. Sounds crazy? It was crazy! So many people have been at the course to cheer for all the riders. Not just asian riders participated in the race, but also several riders from teams like Fixedpott (GER), Cinelli-Chrome (USA, ITA, MYS) and Polo&Bike (ES) took the chance to race in the middle of this crazy city. Like at other international races, Bangkok Criterium is a night race, which creates a special atmosphere. From the beginning of the race the international riders took the responsible to speed up the race and to hold that level. Just 15 riders managed to finish the race after the italian winner Enrico Biganzoli (IRD Modena). This experience was much more than just a race. It was a big party!

One day later some of the international riders went to Hua Hin, a city at the ocean. Beach time! Time to relax and time to celebrate an awesome crew! Believe me, Alfred Bobé isn’t just a monster on the bike, he also fools around like a teenager. That’s just amazing! Next year you can read a few more details of this week in SpokeMag ;). After two days just a small group of Germans and Derek Holland, a rider from Australia, who also raced in Bangkok, stayed in Hua Hun. This group of 7 went out for a 126km ride to the south of Hua Hin. I guess this was one of the coolest cycling tours ever. We stopped at huge golden temples and saw celebrating monks. Lateron, we included a few kilometer fixedcross on a gravel roads. After cycling through the rain, we had a nice  break on the beach and paced back to Hua Hin like in a team time trial. Rides like this are just amazing an improves the group feeling. After this short time we all become really good friends and I’m sure I’ll ride with this crew again next year.

When all the international riders left Thailand, I moved back to Bangkok, because I wanted to get in contact with some local riders and to cycle in this crazy traffic again. Fortunatelly I’ve met the riders of URBAN HUB already before the Bangkok Criterium. Therefore it was easy to connect and to go out for a few rides. We agreed to cycle on a sunday morning in the brutal sun. Just afterwars I realised, that also these guys suffered in the sun and that they normally ride at night or really early in the morning. After the last sprint we were all really happy to stop for ice cold water. My intention was not to cycle with the guys in the hardest conditions. Therefore we agreed to meet a few days later for a night ride. Bangkok at night – that’s the territory of theses guys. Racing with Tuk Tuks and trucks, passing through waiting cars and crossing the main roads with high speed. If you get the chance, cycle in this city! Highly recommended!


After a while I thought I should move on, so I travelled down south to check out some islands. Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, were my destinations. The aim: Cycle on all of these islands. Each island is smaller than the other one and the hills are getting steeper… 15%…. 20% Some of them just impossible with 48:17 and a backpack. I’d recommend Koh Samui for cycling. Me and Derek surrounded the island once and did it on a 70km tour. Chasing some trucks and get chased by some dogs as well… Koh Phangan was already already harder. It is impossible to surround the island, because in the north east are no roads. Due to this missing space on the island also the uphill and downhill sections get steeper. First time I had to get off the bike. Fuck it! However the shortest ride was on Koh Tao. There is one main road. North to the South. That’s mostly it. If you cannot cycle properly on a tropical island, you should go diving. That’s basically what I’ve done in the last few days. Now I heading to Langkawi in Malaysia. The next races will be on 12/12 and 19/12 in Kuala Lumpur. My first races in the RAD PACK jersey. I’m excited. If you want to see some more pictures follow me on:

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