My name is Jonas Fischer, I was born in Cologne, Germany and since November 2015 I’m travelling around the world with my fixed gear bike.

But let’s start at the beginning. During my time in secondary school I cycled at road and track races in Germany and some other countries in Europe. My parents supported me a lot, so that I had the opportunity to start for a big team in Cologne and also for the federal state team of North Rhine-Westphalia. Starting at races like Petit Paris-Roubaix or Tour du Pays du Vaud were some highlights in that time. In 2008 I stopped cycling, due to knee problems and started to study logistics. In the following years I travelled a lot, but always with the reason to study or work at the different places. Cycling was always an important topic in my life, but in these years I barely trained.

In August 2014 things changed. I moved to Heilbronn, in the south of Germany, to work in a new office. Just for fun I started at the Rad Race Bergfest in Frankfurt and had to discover that I’m totally out of shape. However, the guys of Rad Race set me on fire and I decided to start on more races in 2015. Luckily at work, I was sitting in the same office as Markus (Check his blog runssel). This guy is an outstanding swimrunner, who started aldready twice at ötillö, the hardest swimrun worldwide. Having such a strong training partner was the best thing, which could have heppend to me.

At the beginning of May I bought my first fixed gear bike and joined the 8bar rookies team in Berlin. I had an awesome year with these guys and started at roughly 10 fixed races. During that time I also discovered that I need a change in my life. I wanted to travel and to ride my bike. Therefore I’ve quit my job, grabed my bike and a backpack and flew down to Bangkok. Now I want to ride as many races as possible, want to meet local riders, crews, shops and cycling communities. Basically I want to connect the fixed gear world and become a part of the fixed gear family.

Pic by Drew Kaplan