Instead of changing your profile pics on Facebook and do nothing, you can actually do something real this time. Please help!!!

In December 2014 our friends Eric Khoo and Zul Awab were arrested by the Sigaporean Traffic Police after hosting an illegal bicycle race named „Holy Crit“.

„Holy Crit“ was one of the first asian fixed gear criteriums ever to happen. Eric and Zul have done a lot for the asian cycling community, for example supporting Faz Adhili, or helping Chen Zhencai to be the first Singaporean in „red Hook Crit“. Erics Shop „Fixup Yourgear“ is an institution for young and old cyclists in Singapore. He and Zul frequently organize grouprides for people of all ages.

When I visited Singapore last year I cycled with both of them and a lot of other singaporean cyclists. They didn’t want to stop organising fixed gear races and therefore they moved Holy Crit to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. They invited me to start at the race and luckily I won it. I’m really happy that I had the chance to feel their spirit of cycling and to become part of it. Therefore I feel the need to help them in their current situation.

Now almost two years after they got arrested the law has spoken:
Eric and Zul have been sentenced to two weeks in Jail, a 7000$ Fine (p.P.) and a 12 month revoke of their drivers licenses. Besides that, both spent thousands of Dollars for lawyers and other legal support.

We (Team Fixedpott and RAD RACE from Germany) cannot imagine how it must feel to face a jailterm for a race. For us as europeans it´s unthinkable and ridiculous. We both know how hard it is to organize and host a bikerace, but we also cannot imagine to be fined for it by the law.

We hope to raise as much money as soon as possible. Around 25000$ are needed: This should pay the fines and also the lawyers of Eric and Zul. We sincerely hope that our global cycling community can show the singaporean Government, that cycling and engaging kids (and of course anyone else) to compete against each other in a sportive is a great thing and not a crime at all!

We really hope that someday Holy Crit will become legal and that your country, but also everybody else in this world acknowledges the fact, that all Eric and Zul did with holy Crit did was for a good reason! In any other country these guys would be getting a pat on the back for being pro-active & engaging kids in doing something useful, healthy & fun.We hope that someday we can all race together in Singapore (legally)