I really like to visit abandoned places. But seeing how a nice wooden velodrome falls apart can make me cry.

In December 2015 I’ve been in Ipoh for the Silver State Criterium. One day after the race my friends cycled with me to the Rakyat Velodrome in Ipoh. The official entrance is locked, so we had to crawl below the track to get inside. When I got inside and looked at the track I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is impossible to ride in this velodrome. Huge holes in the wood. You could fall inside the holes and end up on the gras we crossed to crawl in the velodrome. Somebody made big piles out of the old wood. I walked on the velodrome, but the rotten wood makes even that pretty dangerous.

The guys told me that the velodrome is shut down since nearly three years. Since that time nobody really cares about a renovation or a new velodrome for Ipoh. It’s sad to read that there is not enough money to care about the first velodrome in Malaysia.



Unfortunately there is just one other open air velodrome in Kuala Lumpur. The good news. They are building a new indoor track in Nilai.

It’s fantastic to see that guys like Azizulhasni Awang achieve great results in international competition! But it would also be great to see that somebody cares about the velodrome so that the next generation can train and get stronger.

At the end of April will be a big bike festival in Ipoh with several events for road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX and fixed gear cyclists. It would be great to see that the malaysian cycling ommunity is growing and that somebody cares about the youngsters. So please join the Ipoh bike festival from 29/04/2016 – 01/05/2016