Throwback Taiwan – This march I spent a few weeks in Taiwan to cycle across the country, but also to visit the Taipei bike show, start at the Taipei Drag Race and to see the factory of DT Swiss. On my first days in Taiwan I spend most of my time at the bike show. I’m very happy that DT Swiss invited me to that event and arranged an interview with cycling time Taiwan on the last day of the show. It really cool to meet a company from Switzerland on the other side oft he earth.

One week after the show I was invited to see the factory of DT Swiss in Taichung. Taiwan ist he Mekka for bikes. So many parts and frames are produced in this country and Taichung ist he centre of that industry.

A few hard facts in the beginning. DT Swiss was founded in 1994 in Biel, Switzerland. The company is the world market leader in producing spokes. It also produces hubs, rims, nipples and suspension forks. The company is not just producing in Switzerland and Taiwan, but also in the USA and Poland.

In Taichung I’ve met Robert Valentini again, who showed me all parts of the factory. DT Swiss started to produce in Taiwan in 2005 and since that time the company and the sales are growing massively. Due tot hat fact the facctory is becoming too small for all the needs of the company. Therefore the wheel assembly and the fork production are moved to different locations.

In the main factory, DT Swiss produces spokes with massive machines. With one of these wire drums you can produce roughly half a million spokes. After You might recognise that the wire is silver and not black. DT Swiss doesn’t just paint the spokes like others do, they use a secret technique to get them black.

It’s also really interesting to see the assembly line for hubs of a world leading company. DT Swiss produces hubs not just for DT Swiss wheels, but also for wheelsets of other companies. You might not recognise that in the first step, because the brandings are made individualy, depending on the customers whishes.

Therefore the product range of DT Swiss are a few thousand products. Although you might think they just produce spokes, hubs and suspension forks.

How did that happen? Pretty easy. DT Swiss invests more money in new inventions and product development than others do. The company is really proud of the product quality. Due to that they can provide the market with ist best inventions and products.

Thanks a lot to Robert Valentini, Alex Schmitt and David Weng who gave me the chance to see the inside of DT Swiss.