After the bike show I decided with my friend Hugo to do something different. Leaving the fixed gear at home and get on a motorbike. Some of you might have heard about the KOM challenge in Taiwan. Basically it’s a road which starts at sea level and gets up to 3.275m at the wuling pass. The cycling event, which takes place every year in October, starts on the east costs and includes roughly 80km of climbing. We started on the west coast and the climbing part is just 55km. Still tough. Crazy steep parts, cold wind, but a view which is just amazing. In the center of Taiwan are huge mountains. More than 280 over 3.000m and the highest one is Jade mountain with 3.952m.

On our way up, we had lunch at the highest 7-11 in Taiwan and experienced that it was a stupid idea to start without gloves. However we made it to the top and enjoyed the view. However this is the highest road in Taiwan, there is no tourist attraction. On top of the hill you find a parking slot, a small hut with toilets and a sign which shows you how high you are. I found this very peacful. Not having thousands of shops on a mountain, where you should buy any over prized tourist souvenirs or bad food. Enjoying this quiet moment was great. When we continued riding, we ended up at Wuling farm. A nature reserve with a nice river, waterfalls and blooming trees. This was definitaly a place to stay over night.

When I woke up in the morning I heard heavy rain pelting on out hut. Although we waited for two hours, the rain didn’t stop. What to do? Get on the motorbike and go. Hugo gave me a rain jacket, but I still had no gloves and no rain trousers. I used one of these cheap rain coats as a rain trousers. Covered my shoes with plastic bags and my hands with plastic gloves and socks. Ready to go. On our way back to Taichung we used a small road, which sometimes was just a gravel road. Huge potholes and bumps, deep waterholes. You think that’s though and scary? I think it’s fun. I really enjoed having a cross motorbike and hitting this road.