Four days bike show. Four days of meeting old friends, new people and looking at some cool bikes and other cycling equipment. To be fair, the purpose of this bike show is not to show the newest development of the companies. Therefore you should visit Eurobike in Germany. The purpose of the Taipei bike show is much more to make business. Lot’s of OEMs from Taiwan are at the show to sign contracts with their customers.

However it was pretty cool to meet friends from Germany, friends I’ve met before in Thailand and Singapore and of course many new people. Cycling with friends from all over the world just feels so good =)

Friday night some guys organised an illegal  drag race. 11km through town. From A to B, without blocked roads. I rode like hell, never stopped at any crossing, but sneaked through the traffic. I get away from the pack with a taiwanese and a korean rider. Luckily I managed to drop them before the finish line and won the race. What an amazing feeling! Now I try to recover a bit from these long and full days.