Have you ever been at Angkor Wat? So many tourist are running around, the roads are blocked by scooters and even more locals want to sell you food, drinks and clothing. Angkor Wat is the main temple and the one which is in best conditions. Therefore most of the tourist focus on that temple. I did the same on my first day 😉 Afterwards I cycled a bit north to Angkor Thom. A whole city full of temples and old buildings. It’s stunning. Unfortunately the sun was going down and I had to do it in the next days.

On my second day I left my hostel at 5am to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. In terms of tourists you’ll nearly see the same amount of people as during the day time. It’s crazy! You feel like at a concert. People are pushing you to get to the best photo spot. I just sneeked through for some nice shots. I relaxed at the sunrise and cycled to some other temples afterwards.

On  my last day I cycled to Banteay Srei with Luis, a friend from Spain. We cycled around the whole area of Angkor and ended up with 90km. A nice ride with lot’s of temples and places with less tourists, then the days before. I enjoyed that 😉