In the last few months my journey took me further to the south. Just one reason let me change this route. Chiang Rai Criterium in the north of Thailand. The north is a great place to cycle, due to less traffic than in Bangkok and more mountains than in the south.
The Criterium was organised by the same guys who organised Bangkok Criterium at the beginning of my journey. Therefore I knew it’ll be a big event with blocked roads and lot’s of people. I also knew I’ll meet some friends from Bangkok again.
Travelling alone can be lonely. But on this journey I’ve made so many new friends, that it’s always nice to see them again and to spend some time together before the race.

Speaking about the race. I nearly missed it.  After the opening ceremony at 4pm I went back to my hostel, because my race was scheduled for 9pm. At 7.30pm I arrived at the race venue to get ready and warm up. It took me a few minutes to realise that my race would be the next one within the next 15 minutes. I get in my jersey and jumped on a roller to warm up at least a little bit.
It didn’t take a long time to realise that two teams with each 3-4 riders were in the peloton and that they both work on a brake away. Having a leading group of two riders from these two teams is the worst which can happen. I chased this group with another rider and we were getting closer. Unfortunately I wanted to much and took a hairspin to fast. As a result I slipped away and crashed. Getting up and setting my bike took more time then it should and I didn’t manage to get back to the chasing group. What happened afterwards was a bit weird. I saw a group behind me and thought, if I wait we can work together and catch the group again. But when they catched me, nobody of the riders would pass me to work together. On a 1.5k lap it’s easy to get lapped. Therefore I decided to not play that game, but to finish the race. Therefore I took the lead of the group for the last 10 laps.

Shit happens and you can’t always win. But of course it’s even more disappointing when you realise that the leading group made their way through to the finish line.

However after a short time I could smile again and was even more happy to hear that my friend Racha from Chiang Mai finished on 5th position.

After the race we all went t together and had another really great night. And that’s what it’s all about. A great time with your friends. I’ll aleady meet some of them again in three weeks on the Taipei bike show. Stay tuned 😉