Although I’ve already been in Malaysia I decided to travel again in that country and race Johor Bahru, a city in the very sounth of the country. My singaporean friend Chen and me decided to cross the boarder by car. Stuck in traffic we arrived 15m before the official start of the race. Our luck, that the organisers dicided in that moment to postpone the start further 30minutes.
I already told you that the last circuits have been very short, roughly 600m. The course in JB was much more like a proper road race circuit. 3,3km, one proper climb and long roads. Six riders formed a leading group, right in the beginning of rhe race. Including three riders from Singapore, one Johor state rider, my friend Syafiq from KL and me. Due to the long roads nobody managed to break away alone and we just dropped the Johor state rider. Therefore we get on the last round as a group of five.
The tragedy happened in the last corner. I followed Syafiq, who was leading the group with a high pace. Unfortunately the camera motor bike was too close to the group, didn’t get away early enough before the corner.
Syafiq tried to pass the motor bike, but hit the side walk and crashed into the bushes. I managed to pass that crash and got on my way to victory. Sadly also the other riders crashed in that corner. Syafiq and one of the singaporean riders just jumped back on their bikes and finished second and third. My friend Chen was in the chasing group and managed to finish on a good fifth place.
I’m happy to win my third race in Malaysia, but of course it’s sad to see how others crash.
After the race the organisers told me that this was the first crit in JB since three years and they are already planning more. I just realised for myself that the guys are always happy to see foreign riders at their events, having more and more people who get interested in fixed gear racing and are passionated about it. We hang out in a food court until 3 o’clock in the morning, sharing stories about cycling and the differneces between our countries. Personally that’s the best part of this journey. Not just seeing a country, but getting close to the people, who live in it. Thanks for that experience!!!