On my first day of this trip I’ve met Nils Laengner from Fixedpott at the airport. The week before he has been in Singapore to cover a story about the organisers of HolyCrit. These guys organised an illegal cycling race and might to go jail for that. You can read his article in the current spoke mag. Nils recommended me to travel to Singapore to meet the guys and to check out the local fixed gear szene. During my journey I’ve also met Chen, a sigaporian cyclist, and Erich, the organiser of HolyCrit. Both invited me to visit Singapore, so I showed up for two and a half days.

In Kuala Lumpur I took the night bus to Singapore. I thought it would arrive early at 4 am, but the bus driver decided to leave all passengers with their luggage at the border. It took us a while to get on another bus and then I arrived on the other side of the city. Chen wanted to pick me up by bike. So this poor guy was waiting for me the whole night until I showed up at 7 in the morning. After sleeping a few hours at my mate’s place we get on our bikes, picked up more cyclists and cruised around Singapore. Due to the many rules and laws, you can compare traffic to Germany. Cars stay on their lanes, they stop at red traffic lights and they think they owe the road. Although Singapore is a really small country, there are many fixed crews. Unfortunately the number of riders has decreased in the last two years. Having just illegal races and seeing organisers in court might be a reason for that. However the guys who ride feel the pure love for cycling!

We stoped at different bike shops to have a chat with the guys. It was pretty cool to meet the guys of cycle project store, because they are a dealer for 8bar bikes. At fixupyourgear we’ve met Erich, one oft he HolyCrit organisers, and went for a ride. Singapore is a very clean and modern city. Huge sky scrapers, bis shopping malls and wide roads are characteristics of Singapore. The guys always ride at night and finisjh anytime in the morning. So the next morning I was again freaking tired, when we started our sightseeing tour.

The guys thought a lot about what to show me and where to go. So we stopped at various places and had some cool views. Here are some impressions.

Although I just had 2,5 days in Singapore, it was a great time. The guys organised everything! Where I could sleep, where to go, what to do… They shared their days with me and gave me a great feeling of beeing part of their group. Thanks for that!!!