Second race in one week. I travelled a bit further north in Malaysia to reach Ipoh, the fourth biggest city of the country.
On my way north I just passed the cameron highlands. Damn, that’s a nice spot for hiking in the jungle and I guess for cycling as well. If I get a chance, I’ll be there again.

The silverstate Criterium is organised by the local iph fxd crew. In Germany or Europe I’m used to cycle at official races with blocked roads, barriers, loud music and booths of sponsors. In Malaysis it’s different. The races are illegal, because it’s difficult and expensive to get permission. Therefore they happen at night in non crowded industrial areas. I really like the flair! You arrive at a certain street and just see a few guys with their bikes. Everybody is just hanging around, getting cold drinks and some guys are doing some tricks with their fixies. The only thing I knew in advance was: be there at 9pmish. At that time all riders show up for registration. Something which never happend to me before – no number for the jersey or bike at all.
Due to the fact that roughly 60 riders showed up and the course was max 600m, the organisers decided to split the group and ride two qualifyings. From each qualifying just the first five riders get into the final. In my qualifying group some guys attacked really early, so that we ended up in a group of five riders after 6 or 7 laps. We just rode a constant speed and finished in this  group. Between the two qualifyings also 7 women raced. Although 7 riders are not much, it’s a beginning for female fixed gear cycling. Keep on cycling girls!!!

Like I said, in the final just 10 riders started. Five of them started for the Perak State Team and the others were from different Teams. Due to their man power, the Perak State riders attacked in each round and after a few rounds we were just 6 riders in the lead. 4 Perak State riders, Hakimi Han, who was third at Holy Crit, and me. Although they tried to play games with us, none of them managed to break away and Hakimi Han sprinted to victory. I’m happy for him, because he is a really cool guy and worked a lot in the final. Big up!!! I ended up on place 3, which is just amazing.

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to race on the other side of the world and to meet so many great people. Thanks guys for this experience!!!