Have you ever heard about anybody who might go to jail, because of organising a cycling race?

This might happen to some guys who organised illegal fixed gear races in Singapore. On their 8th edition of Holy Crit they get caught. Now they face a law-suit, due to organising an event without permission. However the highest conviction would be a few months in jail, the guys won’t stop. They moved Holy Crit from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and they even think about more fixed gear races in Asia.

Yesterday night was the second edition of Holy Crit in Kuala Lumpur. Due to the fact that it was an illegal race, there was no fully blocked road, no pre registration and also no fixed starting time. When we arrived at the race venue it was raining as hell and it wouldn’t stop for the whole race. Whatever, it’s not cold german rain. It’s warm malaysian rain. So I signed in, checked the course and get to the starting line. Mostly cyclist from all over Malaysia started at this race, but also pros like Faz Adhili and Hakimi Han, both Malaysia, the URBAN HUB Crew from Thailand and Enrico Biganzoli from Italy where ready to rock it.

The race began as usual with some attacks. After a few rounds I wanted to test my legs and rode an attack to close a gap to a leading group. I reached the group, but unfortunately the guys thought the gap would be too small and stopped pushing. However my aim was to keep the pace high, so I kept going. One round later I still wasn’t caught and I decided to give it a try. That was hard work, but worth it. I never saw the peloton again and won my first race this year on the other side of the world.

What an awesome feeling. I’m so happy to be on my travelfixed journey. I’m so happy that I meet all these great cyclist at all different places and that we can race together. Winning a race is definately an early Christmas present! So whatever gonna happen to the organisers of holycrit, keep on cycling, keep on organising races! The street is yours!

Thanks for the support of all my partners and sponsors! It’s great to know that there are people believing in me and my dream.

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2nd: Enrico Biganzoli, 1st: Jonas Fischer, 3rd: Hakimi Han (l.t.r)   Pic by Lucas Lau