Time is flying! I’m already in Thailand since one month. So many things happend. I’ve met great people. I’ve seen amazing places. And I cycled a lot!

I started my journey in Bangkok to race my first Crit ever in Asia. If you have been in Bangkok, I’m sure you also have been on Khao San Road. Bangkok’s party district. The organisers managed to set up a course in this particular district. On a saturday evening. Sounds crazy? It was crazy! So many people have been at the course to cheer for all the riders. Not just asian riders participated in the race, but also several riders from teams like Fixedpott (GER), Cinelli-Chrome (USA, ITA, MYS) and Polo&Bike (ES) took the chance to race in the middle of this crazy city. Like at other international races, Bangkok Criterium is a night race, which creates a special atmosphere. From the beginning of the race the international riders took the responsible to speed up the race and to hold that level. Just 15 riders managed to finish the race after the italian winner Enrico Biganzoli (IRD Modena). This experience was much more than just a race. It was a big party!

One day later some of the international riders went to Hua Hin, a city at the ocean. Beach time! Time to relax and time to celebrate an awesome crew! Believe me, Alfred Bobé isn’t just a monster on the bike, he also fools around like a teenager. That’s just amazing! Next year you can read a few more details of this week in SpokeMag ;). After two days just a small group of Germans and Derek Holland, a rider from Australia, who also raced in Bangkok, stayed in Hua Hun. This group of 7 went out for a 126km ride to the south of Hua Hin. I guess this was one of the coolest cycling tours ever. We stopped at huge golden temples and saw celebrating monks. Lateron, we included a few kilometer fixedcross on a gravel roads. After cycling through the rain, we had a nice  break on the beach and paced back to Hua Hin like in a team time trial. Rides like this are just amazing an improves the group feeling. After this short time we all become really good friends and I’m sure I’ll ride with this crew again next year.

When all the international riders left Thailand, I moved back to Bangkok, because I wanted to get in contact with some local riders and to cycle in this crazy traffic again. Fortunatelly I’ve met the riders of URBAN HUB already before the Bangkok Criterium. Therefore it was easy to connect and to go out for a few rides. We agreed to cycle on a sunday morning in the brutal sun. Just afterwars I realised, that also these guys suffered in the sun and that they normally ride at night or really early in the morning. After the last sprint we were all really happy to stop for ice cold water. My intention was not to cycle with the guys in the hardest conditions. Therefore we agreed to meet a few days later for a night ride. Bangkok at night – that’s the territory of theses guys. Racing with Tuk Tuks and trucks, passing through waiting cars and crossing the main roads with high speed. If you get the chance, cycle in this city! Highly recommended!


After a while I thought I should move on, so I travelled down south to check out some islands. Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, were my destinations. The aim: Cycle on all of these islands. Each island is smaller than the other one and the hills are getting steeper… 15%…. 20% Some of them just impossible with 48:17 and a backpack. I’d recommend Koh Samui for cycling. Me and Derek surrounded the island once and did it on a 70km tour. Chasing some trucks and get chased by some dogs as well… Koh Phangan was already already harder. It is impossible to surround the island, because in the north east are no roads. Due to this missing space on the island also the uphill and downhill sections get steeper. First time I had to get off the bike. Fuck it! However the shortest ride was on Koh Tao. There is one main road. North to the South. That’s mostly it. If you cannot cycle properly on a tropical island, you should go diving. That’s basically what I’ve done in the last few days. Now I heading to Langkawi in Malaysia. The next races will be on 12/12 and 19/12 in Kuala Lumpur. My first races in the RAD PACK jersey. I’m excited. If you want to see some more pictures follow me on: