People say Bangkok can swallow you up. That’s probably true. Since I arrived 2,5 weeks ago I’ve just left the city once one a four day trip to Hua Hin. I didn’t stay in Bangkok so long due to the party connection on Khao San Road. No I stayed so long, because I wanted to find out more about cycling in this city.

It’s now two weeks ago, since I finished 6th in Bangkok Criterium. I get a broad grin on my face when I think about it. How crazy is it to fly around the world, to compete in a cycling race, where can earn nothing, but just have fun with an awesome world wide fixed family? Before the race I was nervous, because oft he course, all the riders I didn’t know and the hot climate. So basically everything which influences a race. However in the race I was totally focused and afterwards I just wanted to enjoy the great experience with all the other riders.

The community does not just exist, if there is a race. In Bangkok cycling in gerneal is growing. You can find a high number of bike shops all over the city. Road bikes are becoming more and more popular. People say cycling is becoming the new golf for people in Thailand and especially in Bangkok. When I was out on the training ride with URBAN HUB, we’ve met several groups of road bike cyclists. Most of the guys ride with absolute high class bikes. Trek, Specialized, Pinarello… You can find al of them here. Also the amount of amateur races is increasing. This is all needed to give cycling in general the opportunity to grow.

Although cycling is growing in general, the fixed gear community had a decreasing trend in the last two years. Riding fixed was a trend, which people just followed because they were addicted to bikes and it was something new. Some of these guys discovered gears and brakes and bought themselves road bikes. However there are still many crews in the City who love to ride fixed and who do it every day. Crews like URBAN HUB, Track n’Feel or Monster.  Also shops like free life sport encourage the people to ride fixed.

Fixed gear cycling was something people did for fun with their friends or to commute. The organisers of Bangkok Criterium did a really good job to set up the race in city center. Also the two big soponsors Singha and Vittoria had the chance to present an interesting and fast race on a live stream. This professional way of racing should lead to more races in Thailand and whole of Asia. If the riders get the opportunity to race more in their own country, they can build a good foundation to start at races like Red Hook Criterium.

Therefore: Keep on rollin!

Now I’m down south at Ko Samui. Enjoying the beach, the sea and hopefully a few good rides…