Last sunday I went out with the guys of URBAN HUB to train during the day. READ MORE HERE. At that time I didn’t know that they prefer riding at night. Therefore yesterday evening Jen and I took our bikes and get out for night ride with the guys. It was amazing!

We have been a group of 9 – 11 people riding really fast on 3 lane wide motorways, passing cars all the time, no matter if they are going or waiting, fooling around, skidding all the time… I seriously need a GoPro to record this! A great shot would have been how we got into a race with a tuk tuk. Crazy!

We also cycled through China Town with all its shiny neon signs. We stopped so that photographer Tan, who accompanied us  on his scooter, could take some great shots. Damn that was funny running several times on the street, just having ten seconds for a picture… Have a look at them!