Today I woke up really early to meet the guys of URBAN HUB for a sunday bike ride. What I didn’t expect was that shop owner May took a pick-up truck to accompany the trip. Also photographer Tan jumped on the truck to make the awesome shots you can see below the text. So we started with  5 riders to the north of Bangkok.

Our first 5km have been on a 3-5 lane wide freeway and I thought this will be a crazy and hectic tour. But after turning right, we ended up on a street which just went straight to the north and is used by many cyclists as their training route. Although the riders barely speak a word English, we had fun together. Getting the pace really high for a while, attacking each other, sprinting in the end… All the riders are in the age group around 18. It’s great to discover that these guys are riding fixed since a few years and that some of them have the potential to start at big races like Red Hook Criterium.

You should check out the strava file, to see that we nearly didn’t have any curves on our trip. I guess the U-turn after having a break was the hardest one 😉 After 70km, I guess 6 drinks and one pizza I have to say I enjoyed the ride and I’m still happy that I decided to ride my fixed gear in Asia.