I still can’t believe it. I’m riding with my fixed gear bike in Bangkok. A city with really hectic traffic! It was even more amazing to ride Bangkok Criterium in the middle of the city. The organisers did a really good job, organising such a huge race in an area where normally everybody goes out to party.

I’m already sweating when I walk through Bangkok. Therefore the imagination to ride a race in this conditions made me a bit nervous. Fortunately we started in the dark and not during the brutal sunshine.

From the first moment of the race all international riders got to the front of the peloton to get the pace up. After Red Hook Crit in Milan it was my second time to race with international pros like Alfred Bobé Jr., Paolo Bravini, Enrico Biganzoli, Pablo Rodriguez and of course the guys of the german Fixedpott team. In a hectic situation of different attacs Enrico Biganzoli took his chance to break away and to win the race. I was really happy to finish on place 6 in the sprint.

That’s so crazy to race in Asia and to hang out with all the asian and international riders. From my first day in Bangkok I felt welcome in the world wide fixed gear community. I guess Bangkok was the best place to start my fixed gear journey through Asia.