People always told me that traffic is crazy in Bangkok. Actually it is. However I really like to cycle here. Tonight we met lot’s of fixed gear riders from Thailand for a night ride. (See my Strava link) In this hour I spoke to so many different people about fixed gear, Bangkok and Thailand. I was really happy to be back on my bike again and to have the opportunity to cycle with locals.

If you know the traffic in Germany, you think in Thailand are no traffic rules. But actually it works pretty well. On a road with four lanes in each direction, everybody is flipping lanes, but is also looking after the others, so that nothing happens. beeing in the middle of this with a bunch of cyclists is definately a great feeling. You always have to watch out very carefully who is doing what and who might do what. It’s a real challenge, but also a great adventure.

After the ride we stop for dinner at Ranee’s Velo Restaurant. A very cozy place, which is owned by Roel, a dutch guy, who lives in Thailand since more than 20 years. This guy is crazy about cycling and about the passion all the young riders have. Definately a place to visit again!

Tomorrow evening we’ll all start at the Bangkok Criterium, directly in the centre of Bangkok. The most amazing thing is, that we will cycle over Khaosan road, which is one of the most famous roads to party and having fun in Bangkok. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Don’t miss the race! And if you’re not in Bangkok, follow it on the live stream! But don’t forget the different time zones!