In the last years I’ve mostly been at work and especially in offices. Today my life will change dramatically. I’ve quite my job, bought a one way ticket to Bangkok, packed my stuff in a bag and grabed my bike.

From today on, I will travel the world with my fixed gear bike. See new places, meet interesting people, eat unknown food and enjoy my life. With my bike I want to get in contact with other cyclists, crews and shops. Learning about the differences between cycling in Germany and the rest of the world. I’m more than happy to met different people from all over the world and listen to their stories abeut their way of cycling.

Today I’ll get on the plane to Bangkok and start at Bangkok Criterium next saturday. Aftrerwards we’ll see where the wind blows me in Asia. Big thanks to all my sponsors and partners for this trip.

  • 8bar bikes – bike and cycling wear
  • Rad Race – cycling and casual wear
  • Oakley – sun glases
  • New Balance – running shoes
  • Iriedaily – casual clothes
  • Abus – helmet
  • sm parts – tools
  • DT Swiss – wheelset

Further more I’m using equipment from:

  • Huez – cycling wear
  • Knog – lights
  • blb – tools
  • Sidi – cycling shoes
  • Jack Wolfskin – Backpack
  • Kappstein – chainring and cogs